WAVECOM® Wideband Signal Recorder W-REC

Wavecom wideband signal recorder W-REC records HF signals from an antenna, IF signals from a receiver or satellite signals from a down-converter directly. Together with various Wavecom tools and systems W-REC delivers a solution for long time wideband spectrum analysis and decoding.

W-REC Features and Facts

W-REC runs on the Wavecom hardware W-PCIe. It records signals at the two AF/ IF inputs (AFIF#1 and AFIF#2) and the three 70 MHz IF inputs (IF70#1a, #1b and #2) directly.
The bandwidth of both AFIF inputs is 0— 25 MHz and for the IF70 inputs is 35 MHz (52.5 MHz to 87.5 MHz).
The recording bandwidth is selectable, from 4 MHz to 25 MHz.
The signals can be from an HF antenna (3—25 MHz) directly or from various IF outputs of a receiver (e.g., 10.7 MHz).
 W-REC can record satellite signals from a down converter with 70 MHz IF output.
W-REC has a simple graphical user interface (GUI) and uses an in-card license.
User can set how long the recording should run by “Preset recording length (in minutes)”. The recording will stop automatically when the time is reached.
The recording will stop when the target hard-disk is almost full.
User can easily check if the wiring is correct by acoustic monitoring a signal at the speaker.
W-REC records signals in the easy-tounderstand WAV format and the versatile PxGF format.
During the recording the user can change the “Center frequency”. The actual value will be written into the recording file on-the-fly.
W-REC records signals in IQ (16-bit each part) on a dedicated (separate) Solid State Disk (SSD) without time limit.

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