Please request the latest DVD from us if you are entitled to updates. 
Software updates may be made available on WAVECOM's ftp server. Access upon approval only.

Content of Product DVDs

W-SPECTRA                          V3.0.0
W74PC                                   V9.3.0
W-PCIe, W-PCI                      V9.3.0   (with simultaneous dual channel decoding)   
W-CODE, W-CLOUD             V9.3.0
W-CLOUD Server                  V3.0.0
W-RECORDER (W-REC)      V2.1.0
W-Sat-email-Decoder            V2.4.0
W-BitView                              V2.5.0
W-SPEED                              V2.0.0

Wavecom Virtual Audio Cable V1.0.0
Manuals and Additional Tools

Please provide prove of ownership/ serial number/ CM-stick number/ invoice number...
Obviously fraud request will be dropped without notification.